Otaku Talk: One Piece Chapter 911

So we have the latest chapter of One Piece and in normal One Piece fashion, it’s a good fun chapter!

screenshot_20180713-090153_manga rock5257072445702213859..jpg

So the chapter starts off with Luffy getting separated from the crew, which isn’t unusual for him. He sees two animals fighting and while any normal person would be a little freaked out, Luffy living in the jungle for a bit, seems to ignore this and tells them not to touch his ship.

Luffy also realizes he loses the Vivre Card that Kinemon gave to him and he freaks out for roughly half a second before acceptance

Screenshot_20180713-090133_Manga Rock
I hope one day to reach this level of chill

Another cool thing we see this chapter is Luffy learned from his fight with Katakuri…


This is where his Observation Haki kicks in at. He’s starting to learn to use future sight and get ahead of his opponents…

Capture 2
Peek-A-Boo right back atcha!

The old Luffy was good enough to dodge after somebody shot at him. This new Luffy is able to react before the shot is even fired! Interesting to see how he does this going forward against stronger opponents.


Next we meet a little samurai girl from Wano named Tama…

Capture 3
Say hi to Tama

In typical Luffy fashion, he unknowingly saved Tama from the bandits earlier. Tama seems to be a pretty sweet kid. We see she had a Devil Fruit which can cause her to tear off her cheek (from what we’ve seen so far) and it turns into dango, a Japanese sweet. She gives it to the baboon to no avail at first…


At first you don’t succeed

So after becoming acquainted, Tama asks if there’s anything she can do to repay Luffy. Before Luffy can answer, his stomachs starts growling and she decides to make him some rice. After cooking, Tama steps out of her house while Luffy lays back and enjoys his meal. Soon after a samurai barges in and yells at Luffy.


This translation missed out on the running gag of the Strawhat’s calling people with long noses Usopp!

We then get some backstory from the Master about Tama. She’s a warrior, in training and once a year she eats rice for her birthday. So we know she used the rice for her birthday to give to Luffy. She comes in and explains everything to her Master before getting sick from drinking water from the river. The Master tells Luffy that the water is poisoned from Kaidou’s factories. (This my friends, is how you get the main character to hate you). Lastly we find out that she stays where she is now because she is waiting on a pirate named Ace.

Yes, that Ace. That Ace that’s Luffy’s brother Ace. That Ace who was 2nd in command in Whitebeard’s fleet Ace.

So we get a connection from Luffy to Tama. We know how close the two brothers were to each other and I wouldn’t put it past Luffy to do something for Tama in Ace’s favor. Also I didn’t mention this earlier but Tama makes a living selling bamboo hats


This is why I love Oda as a writer. We learn back during the war that Ace learned to make bamboo hats in Wano! He made one for Oars, which is a big reason why Oars Jr wanted to save him from getting executed. So years later, we’re coming full circle and it’s just one thing that makes One Piece a great manga!

Lastly, we’re introduced to Basil Hawkins, who was told by his crew that there was some happenings along the beach.


I don’t think Basil needs much introduction. He’s a Supernova, like Luffy who ended up joining the Beast Pirates. We do know before that Apoo, Hawkins and Kidd made an alliance while Kidd was the only one who opposed. So what does this mean for the future? Will we get a Hawkins/Luffy fight? Is Hawkins a double agent like Bege? Is Kidd gonna get his revenge? So many questions, that I hope will be answered soon!


So that’s it for the One Piece review! Hopefully next week, I can review again as well, so until next time!


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