How I Got Into Anime!

So I’ve been doing this Otaku thing for quite some time now and I wanted to explain how I got into it


Now being a 90’s baby, which is awesome I may add

Hmm, don’t remember this album coming out

There was actually a few anime that was out at the time, that young me wouldn’t know as an anime, just cartoons. Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakasho and Pokemon were some of my favorites shows to watch…

Sailor Mars
Along with some childhood crushes

But like I said before, I never considered these anime so I didn’t really get involved with anime until high school. A time when Blockbuster was around, Playstation 2 was the newest system and no cares in the world. Me and my friend whose name for this will be Salami walked to Blockbuster to rent a game. He decided we get a game called Naruto.

I’m going to assume it was this version of Naruto

Me, not paying for it and having no say went along with it so we went back to the house and started playing. There was a character on the game called Kakashi who I thought was a cool looking character. So Salami was telling me about his character, the show and that I need to watch it when it comes on. So it comes on Cartoon Network

Take me back! Well not all the way back but sorta back…

So I started watching it and liked the show. I didn’t catch the beginning of Naruto so I was kinda lost and then a marathon of Naruto came on a few weeks after so I was even more lost…

BUT I still enjoyed the show…

Then one day I was on my computer and decided to look up some Naruto stuff and I was taken to a website, not that kinda website and the manga version of Naruto came up. So unbeknownst to me, I didn’t realize that the manga was further ahead of the anime so lost me, not caring about spoilers read the latest chapter of Naruto and some chapters before that, not knowing what was going on thought it was pretty cool…

So after reading some chapters, I went back and looked at another website, no not that kinda website and went to watch Naruto. UNBEKNOWNST to me, I didn’t know there was a second part of Naruto, called Shippuden which I started watching some episodes. After watching some episodes and tired of being lost in the sauce, I went back and looked up what a manga was exactly, an anime and decided to read Naruto from the beginning to the most recent chapter…

There is a bit more to the story, a different anime called Detective Conan, that I was into but that’s not so important to this blog…

Over ten years later, I’m super into watching anime, reading manga and discussing series with fellow Otaku. I’m glad I got into it, it’s a big part of my life and hopefully I can create a series of my own for you people to enjoy.

But yep, a walk to Blockbuster renting a video game got me into this lifestyle!


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